Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Baby Plan

Recently, we have started to photograph babies during their first year of life (four separate sessions in the first year) in what we call "Our Baby Plan". Parents can save money over our usual creative fees. If you are accepted into the plan, (we only accept 9 babies per month), you will have a choice of either an 8x10 inch portrait of each session, or a collage of four 5x7's (one of each session) digitally matted and framed at the end of the 1 year mark to show your babies growth throughout the year. Members of the plan also receive a 20% discount on our regular prices on any prints purchased of images created during the session. (Prints must be purchased during the presentation session following the photographic session to qualify for the discount. For example, if you wanted to purchase any images that were made in the first session, but we have just concluded the third session presentation, the discount would not apply to those portraits taken in the first session. Of course, the discount would still apply to the images created during the third session.). Call us soon to reserve your spot and for full details.

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